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Motorcycle Accident Nashville Injury AttorneyMotorcycle riding is more popular than ever before. Motorcyclists should feel safe on our roads, free from the danger of collision with negligent vehicle drivers. Unfortunately, motorcycle riders are much more vulnerable than those people cocooned inside their autos, vans and trucks. Motorcycle accidents can give rise to devastating injuries that have ramifications beyond the misery inflicted on the injured riders themselves. At Nashville Injury Attorney we have earned an enviable reputation for helping the victims of motorcycle accidents recover financial compensation for injuries that were not their fault.

About Motorcycle Accidents

Any two wheeled vehicle is inherently more unstable than one with four or more wheels. However, that is no excuse for anyone who hits a motorcycle rider because of their poor driving decisions. Any vehicle passing a two wheeled machine should maintain a safe distance away from it and allow room for riders to maneuver their machines. Motorcycle accidents are most commonly caused when a larger vehicle hits the motorcycle.

A disturbing increase in motorcycle accidents in the last few years has the Tennessee Highway Safety Office and the Department of Safety and Homeland Security concerned. The increase is suspected to be the result of an increase in the distracted driving by motorists, but there is no clear consensus.

Even a gentle bump at speed can cause the rider to fall off the machine. Accidents happen when other drivers:

  • fail to allow sufficient room when passing;
  • fail to yield the right of way at an intersection;
  • turn left into the path of a rider;
  • swerve into the path of the machine when approaching head on;
  • are too tired to concentrate properly;
  • are distracted by cell phones, other mobile devices, their GPS, eating or drinking;
  • are intoxicated;

Motorcycle accident injuries

The chance of serious injuries in a motorcycle accident is much higher than in any other kind of motorized vehicle accident. Most riders are typically thrown off their bikes when hit. They may be hurt by their machines themselves, by direct contact with the other vehicle or another object at the roadside. In some accidents, riders may be dragged or propelled along the road surface causing road rash injuries.

Most common injuries are cuts and bruises, even if protective clothing is worn. Arms, legs and ribs are typically the first to be broken. Head injuries as the rider is thrown to the ground can cause concussion and traumatic brain injury. Any rider who is thrown on to their backs risks spinal injuries.

Compensation for motorcycle accident injuries

Motorcycle accident victims have a right to sue for damages from the driver or other party responsible for their injuries. Typically, this is done through the other person’s insurer or the insurer of the employer of the person who caused the accident. Financial compensation can be claimed for any or all of the following damages;

  • Payment of all medical costs related to treatment of rider’s injuries;
  • Compensation for lost earnings;
  • Compensation for damaged property, particularly damage to the machine;
  • Compensation for the emotional and psychological effects of the injury;
  • Punitive damages in some cases if excessive negligence can be established;
  • All future medical costs and lost earnings.

How to file a motorcycle accident claim

Medical treatment is the major priority following any kind of traffic accident. In fact, even if the accident is minor, it is wise to see a doctor for an examination of possible injuries that might not show up straight away.

Once you are on the road to recovery do not delay seeking out legal help through Nashville Injury Attorney. We have proven expertise in motorcycle accident claims. The cost of a serious motorcycle accident can soon add up, putting huge pressure on you and any dependents. The chance of obtaining satisfactory compensation is much higher if you have an attorney of proven experience in motorcycle accident claims fighting on your behalf.

All personal injury claims depend on clear evidence of negligence. We can help gather the evidence that you need to convince the at-fault party’s insurer or a court that you deserve the compensation payment you have claimed. The sort of evidence most needed includes:

  • Eye witness reports and statements by people who saw the accident happen;
  • A copy of the police report compiled by officers at the scene of the accident;
  • Photographic evidence of any kind that can help establish how the accident happened or what damage was done;
  • Video camera footage if the accident happened near a surveillance camera;
  • Damage report on your motorcycle by a qualified mechanic;
  • Assessment of your injuries by a physician or other medical personnel;
  • Documentary evidence of the costs of medical treatment;
  • Estimates of any future medical treatment and lost earnings.

A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer at Nashville Injury Attorney can help you

It can be easy to be overwhelmed following a serious motorcycle injury, but you are in good hands with Nashville Injury Attorney.

When you come to discuss your accident with us, there are no fees involved. If we take your case on, you don’t have to worry about upfront fees as we operate on a no win-no fee basis.

You don’t pay a cent unless we win your case.  Keith Williams and his team at Nashville Injury Attorney have won millions of dollars in compensation for motorcycle accident victims, including a huge 14.6 million dollar settlement. You can count on us for experience, service and results.