Road rage is unfortunately quite common and is often a cause of car accidents. The actual term “road rage” doesn’t show up in the state’s crash statistics, but it doesn’t take too much detective work to work out that many car accidents are caused when drivers’ anger interferes with their concentration or ability to drive safely. Angry drivers are unsafe drivers and unsafe drivers routinely cause accidents.

An ‘angry driver’ doesn’t necessarily mean someone who is showing road rage. If you are driving along a highway quite safely and have to swerve or brake because some other driver cuts in front of you too closely, you might feel justifiably angry, but that doesn’t mean you chase after the other driver and honk your horn loudly or pass the driver, wind down your window and shout obscenities. There are all sorts of reasons why drivers exhibit road rage, but the use of the term implies that their inability to control their anger has led them to make unsafe decisions.

Dangerous driving incidents that are examples of what happens when road rage is experienced include:

  • tailgating the car in front;
  • shouting or gesturing at another driver;
  • honking the horn at another car repeatedly;
  • passing another car and deliberately driving too slowly to annoy them;
  • passing another vehicle in front despite it being dangerous to do so through impatience;
  • passing too closely or attempting to make another car swerve.

Extreme road rage can even mean an angry driver trying to stop another driver and starting an argument or fight.

While road rage in busy city traffic, or in traffic jams, is often experienced, it can also affect cyclists who are forced to share busy roads with other traffic. For some reason, just the sight of a cyclist can make some drivers mad. Cyclists are far more vulnerable than anyone in an enclosed vehicle. One of the more common actions an angry driver might pursue when venting anger on a cyclist is to deliberately drive too close, forcing the cyclist off the road.

Whatever the reason why a particular driver is angry at you for no obvious reason, it is important to know how to react. It is impossible to avoid all road rage incidents, but defensive driving and avoiding traffic congestion where you may reduce the number of possible incidents. Nashville is not a great place to cycle, but if you ca n use a cycle lane use one, otherwise wear bright clothing and stick to the near side of the highway as safely as you can.

If you have not been hit and are not injured in a road rage accident

If you have been involved in a road rage incident, but have not actually been involved in a collision or crash and are not injured, the best advice is to keep as calm as possible and concentrate on your own safety. If you can pull over and allow the angry driver to pass by or leave the scene, then do so. If you can take down the license plate and model of car and color, then make a note of it. If the incident was serious, i.e. could have caused an accident, it is sensible to pass the information on to the Tennessee Highway Patrol or local police department. They may not do anything, but angry drivers may get angry frequently and the police may investigate if several complaints come in from different drivers about the same person.

If your car has been hit and /or you and other passengers on your car have been injured

If the road rage incident is more serious and your car has been hit, then you may need medical treatment. Police should be notified. You have good grounds for filing a personal injury claim against the angry driver if you can prove it was his / her fault. Witnesses, a police report, crash report and photos you can take yourself can all help to prove who was at fault. You should contact Nashville Injury Attorney for help with your claim.

Contact Nashville Injury Attorney if you have been involved in a car or truck accident

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