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Truck Accident Nashville Injury AttorneyTruck accidents are the cause of more fatalities and serious injuries on Tennessee roads than any other type of vehicle accident. When a smaller vehicle or automobile collides with an 18 wheeler, it’s not the truck driver who is typically injured, but the occupants of the smaller vehicle. The larger the truck and the faster it is traveling at the time of impact, the greater the damage done.

Not all truck accidents are caused by the negligence of the truck driver, but many certainly are. The victims of a truck accident have the right to sue the driver, the truck company or both if negligence can be proven. Our experienced truck accident attorneys here at Nashville Injury Attorney have a proven track record in securing rightful compensation for truck accident victims.

Causes of truck accidents in Tennessee

Truck accidents are caused primarily because of the negligent driving behavior of the truck driver. In some cases, an accident may be due to other causes, such as overloading, poor maintenance, or the use of defective parts and truck components.

Typical truck driver behavior that can lead to crashes includes:

  • fatigue, caused by the driver not following rules about safe driving times;
  • aggressive or reckless driving;
  • speeding;
  • distracted driving, especially unlawful use of mobile devices;
  • failure to yield the right of way at an intersection;
  • dangerous passing;
  • intoxication caused by drinking alcohol or drugs.

Truck accidents can happen anywhere, but statistics held by the National Transportation Safety Board show that rural roads in Tennessee are more likely to be the scene of truck accidents than major highways or urban areas. Truck accidents are also more common at night than in the daytime.

Truck accident injuries

Anyone in a small vehicle who has been involved in a truck accident is more likely to have suffered a catastrophic accident than an accident with any other vehicle. The worst injuries are caused by head on crashes and t bone crashes. Under-ride accidents, when a car gets stuck under the rear of a large truck, can also cause devastating injuries.

Even rear end collisions, often caused by a driver who tailgates the vehicle in front, can cause significant injuries like whiplash.

If anyone survives a truck accident, serious injuries include:

  • traumatic brain injuries;
  • facial injuries and broken teeth;
  • chest and thoracic injuries caused when parts of the vehicle penetrate the body;
  • neck and spinal injuries;
  • severe cuts and bruises;
  • broken bones, especially skull and ribs.

In addition to injuries to the occupants of the vehicle that was hit by the truck, there will potentially be severe damage to the vehicle itself, possibly meaning the vehicle will be totaled.

Claiming compensation for a truck accident

You have the right to sue either the driver of a truck that hit you, the truck driver’s employer, or both, if negligence can be proven. In some cases, the accident may be more complicated if the accident involved other parties. Typical truck accident claims include compensation for:

  • all medical costs related to the injury including estimated future costs;
  • property damage, up to the cost of replacement of a vehicle if totaled;
  • lost earnings, including future lost earnings, if any;
  • the pain and suffering caused by the accident;
  • punitive damages if negligence is shown to be excessive.

It’s not easy dealing directly with a truck company’s insurer. Truck companies and their insurers often work quickly to reduce their liability. You will need legal help and sound evidence showing that the accident was not your fault.

Talk to a Nashville truck accident attorney as soon as possible

As soon as your injuries allow you to think about claiming compensation, you should contact our experienced truck accident attorney at Nashville Injury Attorney. A successful claim depends on sound evidence showing who was at fault. Truck company insurers will use any excuse to avoid admitting liability for an accident victim’s injury.

The sooner you can start obtaining evidence showing who was to blame for the accident, the better. The most useful evidence is from eye witnesses who saw the whole incident and the police report that will be compiled by police officers at the scene of the crash. If photos can be taken or even better surveillance camera footage of the crash, then this will also be useful evidence to present. You will also need a doctor’s assessment of your injuries, documents like invoices and receipts for any medical treatment received.

We can help with providing crash experts and obtain estimates of future medical costs and provide the dedicated expertise to negotiate with the insurer throughout the claim process.

No legal fees unless we win your case!

When you come to discuss your accident with us, there are no fees involved. If we take your case on, you don’t have to worry about upfront fees as we operate on a no win-no fee basis. You don’t pay a cent unless we win your case.  Keith Williams and his team at Nashville Injury Attorney have won millions of dollars in compensation for truck accident victims, including a 8.5 million dollar settlement. You can count on us for experience, service and results.